Forex Trading Course for the Newbies…It’s Free!!!


Everything looks alien whenever you dive into something new whether it is some college course or FOREX Trading. I understand that as a beginner in the forex world, you must be in search for an alchemist’s stone that can make money from day one.

The truth is there is no way you can become a champ in a day or two. Forex trading, like any other trading, involves risk and mastering its trick takes time. Those who dive into this world without appropriate knowledge and practice end up losing all their money. They think it is a quick rich scheme that can pay all the bills. Forex trading can make you rich, but of course, not in a jiffy.

My course is designed in such a simple way that a beginner can get a glimpse of everything from chart patterns to pips and lots. The most useful information is supplied in the easiest manner possible. This guide is full of fundamental knowledge that can prepare you to dive into this market with confidence.

I am going to cover 9 important topics in this guide. Here are the contents. Click on the chapter you want to read:

Chapter 1: Reading and Understanding Currency Quote

Chapter 2: Forex Pips and Lots

Chapter 3: Forex Leverage and Margin

Chapter 4: Types of Forex Order: Part 1

Chapter 5: Types of Forex Order: Part 2

Chapter 6: Forex Currency Pairs: Part 1

Chapter 7: Forex Currency Pairs: Part 2

Chapter 8: Advantages of Fundamental and Technical Analysis in the Forex Market: Part 1

Chapter 9: Advantages of Fundamental and Technical Analysis in the Forex Market: Part 2

Chapter 10: Forex Fundamental Analysis: Part 1

Chapter 11: Forex Fundamental Analysis: Part 2

Chapter 12: Forex Fundamental Analysis: Part 3

Chapter 13: Forex Fundamental Analysis: Part 4

Chapter 14: Forex Technical Analysis: Part 1

Chapter 15: Forex Technical Analysis: Part 2

Chapter 16: Forex Technical Analysis: Part 3

Chapter 17: Learning the Psychology Behind Forex Trading: Why is it Important?

Chapter 18: Psychology Behind Forex Trading: GREED

Chapter 19: Psychology Behind Forex Trading: FEAR

Chapter 20: Psychology Behind Forex Trading: EUPHORIA

Chapter 21: Psychology Behind Forex Trading: PANIC

So, let’s take our first step to master the art of Forex trading.

Chapter 1……Reading and Understanding Currency Quotes……>>>

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